Master Harshaji – Vashikaran Specialist Melbourne, Why is Saturn important in astrology?

Due to Karmic connection –

Saturn is the owner of the tenth house. The contrary house to fourth which is the place of satisfaction, harmony, comfort and luxuries. What’s more, owning the tenth place of ‘karma‘ it is likewise the karmic equalizer.

In the Satya Jatakam Satyacharya depicts Saturn in this way:

‘आयुर्जीवन मृत्यु कारण विपद भृत्याष्च मंदादवदेत ||’

‘Saturn is the karaka for misery, distress, longevity, period of life, demise, poverty, mishaps, workers, profession, dangers, detainment, horticulture, mental problems, stress, lie, questions, troubles, dejection, mystery, burglary, embarrassment, sins, incident, prison, imprisonment, rebuke, fault, blame.

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So, Saturn can convey all that to you which you don’t need throughout everyday life and imperils mental harmony and can make your life hopeless. Anyway one that can control these means it can likewise also prevent these in your life.

And hence this shloka:

‘आत्मादयो गगनगैरबली भिरजलावत्तरा || दुर्बले दुर्बला झेया विपरीत शनेफलम ||’

The power of Saturn will dispense grief while his weakening will cause abundant grief. One must demonstrate these different outcomes identified with soul and so on in the dasa times of the concerned planets.

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Along these a strong Saturn can help one ride over difficulties throughout everyday life and have the option to confront them with flexibility as Saturn signifies diligent work, authority, organization, following set down strategies and principles and duty.

‘देवा ग्रहणा जल वही विष्णु प्रजाप तिसकंदमहेन्द्रदेव्या || चंद्रार्क चान्द्रयर्कजाभौमजीवशुकराश्च यज्ञेषु यजेत शश्क्त ||’

‘Attribute Water God to the Moon, Fire God to the Sun, Vishnu to Mercury, Brahma to Saturn, Kartikeya to Mars, Indra to Jupiter and Sachi Devi to Venus.’

Also, it is Brahma who set out the establishment of the universe and the maker. So Saturn’s position is the establishment of the horoscope and your life. You have an disturbed Saturn, you have a disturbed life.

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Saturn can give strong outcomes when it holds hands with other strong substances, for example, Jupiter or Mars or Sun:

‘शोभन कर्मा मतिमान: सर्वेषा प्रियो विपुलकीर्ति || कोंगृहसते भानो गुरुना दुष्टे मनस्वी च ||’

”The Sun in a sign of Saturn with Jupiter’s angle will cause relationship with auspicious or good deeds. The native will be wise, will show loving for all, be generally well known and intelligent.’


‘Saturn accepting Jupiter in Capricorn or Aquarius will give the accompanying outcomes. The individual will be unique. He will have incomparable learning. A great person, he will lead a nation. He will have workers, quadrupeds and wealth’.

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So Saturn in a good combination can rain wealth and achievements in a stable way for you. What’s more, being the karmic balancer, it will guarantee that you get the products of your activities or karma – regardless of whether fortunate or unfortunate. In the event that Saturn needs to give – positive or negative – it will. All others can then simply stand and watch, as observers.

A night before to the day of Matsya Vedh (Piercing Fish eye) rivalry at Draupadi’s swayamwara, Krishna and Arjuna are chatting. Krishna says, “Arjuna, take care, put your progression forward and focus on the eye of the fish”.

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Arjuna says, “If I need to do everything, at that point what will you do?”

Krishna in an extremely delicate tone lets him know, “What you can’t do, I will do”.

Arjuna asks, “And what could it be that I can’t do?”

Krishna answers, “I will keep the water steady…”

So Saturn is the supplier and the ‘punisher’, the ‘salvager’ and the ‘wrecker in boss’, the ‘eroder’ and the ‘stabilizer’ all in one.

Saturn is the thing that keeps your life steady and solid and keeps unhappiness, challenges and destructions under control. If, you’re consistent with your karma and are good and also, that’s why it is so significant.

So to keep Saturn on your side, be great and Do good.

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In the natural zodiac, Saturn rules tenth place of capricon and eleventh place of aquarius.

Saturn is a judge delegated by God to give individuals fruits of their good and bad karma.

Saturn represents to delays, obstacles, hurdles on the negative side. He additionally speaks to patience, hard work on positive side.

He remains 2.5 years in one sign and is the slowest moving planet among other 9 navagrahas.

Wherever Saturn sits, he hinders implications of that house. On the off chance that he sits in state sixth house, he backs off your diseases, enemies, conflicts, but he gives you these.

At the point when Saturn enters the sign before your natal moon sign, he begins affecting your brain .This is first period of Sade sati. Sade sati closes when Saturn leaves or leaves the following sign from your natal moon sign.

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In these 7.5 years, Saturn gives you the results of your karma’s. Saturn’s mahadasha keep going for 19 years, again Saturn turns into the principle affecting planet and gives you products of your past karma’s in his mahadasha.

He is an unprejudiced judge .He has 3 aspects, the third, seventh and tenth perspective from the house where he sits.

Tenth perspective again is a method for karmic equity as 10 the house speaks to karma, the house on which Saturn’s tenth viewpoint falls is where you have to truly buckle down on your karma’s.

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Third angle is about efforts. Wherever third viewpoint falls, that is the region you have to put most extreme endeavours throughout everyday life.

Seventh angle is about relations. Saturn’s seventh viewpoint shows us significance of having great relations with others.

Shani/Saturn in first house creates problems for the native. Projects seem to peter out, relationships die or are strained, and it seems very difficult for one to gain success. Why?

Because in Vedic astrology, Saturn ties in with Jupiter with having the most extensive drishti or aspect strength. In addition to whatever house it sits, Shani will affect houses located in opposition to it, as well as being in a forward sextile and a backward square away from it.

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