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Palm Reading

Your fate lies within your hands! Palm reading has its roots from ancient India, China and Israel. It’s an art of understanding your life and determining your future. It terms as superstitious practice. But many people in today’s world believe how true the readings is. Pandit Harshaji is one of the Top Astrologer in Melbourne providing the Palm reading service as well as other astrology services.

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Jyotisha or Jyotishyam derived from Sanskrit is the traditional system of Hindu Astrology also known as Vedic astrology. But the name Vedic astrology forms recently in usage from 1980, with the help of ayurveda or yoga. Some say’s to claim that Horoscopic astrology in India came from Hellenistic influences. In the books of Ramayana and Mahabharata, astrology, dreams and omens use mostly. In scientific community astrology rejects because astrology is a mystery for scientist to prove the facts and it’s still being a challenge for science to know the facts on astrology. Pandit Harshaji is one of the Top Astrologer in Melbourne who is researching on the astrology and palm reading to give the solutions to the client problems.


Pandit harshaji is one of the Best Astrologer in Melbourne who can say your future by your hands, Palm reading is an ancient process of telling your fortune by studies done based on your palm lines, symbols on palm, the shape of your hand and finger, etc.  The hand shows the present, past and future of your life. There are several lines in palm such as life line, heart line, head line, education line, etc.

Born to a Brahmin family Pandit Harshaji, his family and ancestor were with the blood of astrology, his had been able to learn Vedic morale from the time of his childhood. From the time born itself he was interested in astrology. When you hear the term astrology, you may think about planets, stars, future and many other factors. Well astronomy is not just that. In Palm reading it is fully depended upon reading the hands, It’s also called as Palmistry. Hand reading or palm reading has been able to provide the right destination to lots of people. Most people believe in palm reading in taking some of the most important decision on their life. Pandit harshaji the Indian Astrologer in Melbourne is being providing such palm reading service to his clients.

Every person’s hand has different prints; there are different lines, shapes and pattern in our hands. Pandit Harshaji can lead your future to better or to best destination as he has been able to provide his clients. The skill’s and powerful mantras and tantras of him make him the one of the Famous Astrologer in Melbourne. He is an Indian astrologer and has been providing different services related to astrology.

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