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Photo Reading

Astrology is one of the oldest Traditions of India. Modern astrology is developed from the base of astrology on writings that date back from the medieval period. Many of the astrology thoughts are been derived from the various astrological beliefs – Vedic, Islamic, Greek and also from Babylonian. In today what we call Vedic astrology has been formed from various disciplines. The evidence can be seen in many common structures and beliefs that form the various disciplines. It is not yet proved whether it was part of Vedas or it was added later. However, it has been developing over centuries. Pandit Harshaji is one of the Top Astrologer in Melbourne follows this astrology over years. Many of the people believe that science is same as astrology, but it is not true that both cannot be complemented.

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Photo reading is a form of advanced type of astrology. Astrologer does normally look at your photos using his power or skills. Reading of photograph using astrology is similar to palm reading or face reading. It involves taking the thoughts, feeling and vision that come to the astrologer’s mind. Photo reading is an art of reading objects with the astrologers visual skills. Pandit harshaji is one of the Top Astrologer in Melbourne try to find the energy by visual powers of him. Images captured can have energy than can be touched by the astrologer.


Photo reading astrology are used mainly for following purpose –

  • Afterlife communication – You may have lost your loved beloved one in some tragic incident, by which you could complete to say what you wanted to say. By photo reading the astrologer can help you to bring back your beloved person from death to share some moments.
  • Missing persons – there has been incidents in many countries that the policemen or the clients try to find the help of astrologer in finding the missing person.
  • Love scenarios – when you feel there is something secret going with your love. You can use the photo reading to find out the reasons.
  • Fortune telling – A picture is worth thousands of words. Photos of your past and present can be joined and fortunes can be given.
  • Real estate – Yes this one important one. A prospective property to live in, astrologer can help in knowing the most warm welcomed and beneficial environment in which to set up your home.
  • Pet photo reading – Clients may try to present the photo of their pets to know the past life of the pets. It is also used to communicate with the past pet spirit.

The position of celestial bodies at the time birth determines certain character of an individual. Harshaji is one of the Top Astrologer in Melbourne who can help with any of the problems in your life to bring you happiness.

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