In this Kali Yuga, it quite often feels like we could utilize some more light on the planet, Indian Astrologer in Melbourne Australia. However, particularly around this time of year when the days get shorter and darker (northern side of hemisphere bias). The most recent couple of months appear to heap on more natural disasters than expects. Although, sometimes it feels like this might turn into the standard. This New Moon brings the Hindu celebration of Diwali. Which, is a celebratory time to welcome more light into our lives and into the world.

Indian Astrologer in Melbourne Australia

The darkest Moon time, which starts our next lunar cycle, happens at 12:12 pm PDT on Thursday, October nineteenth. The new cycle starts with Sun and Moon participates in sidereal Libra, with Mercury and Jupiter there also. Libra is a sign of making more equalization (which introduces somewhat of a test with the imbalanced appearance of the chart for this New Moon). It falls in the Vedic nakshatra of Chitra. Chitra, a star-sign that upgrades our chance to bring beauty and harmony in the world.


On the new Moon of the Hindu month of Ashwin, we observe Diwali, the celebration of lights. The celebration really starts on Sunday, the 27th (North America), the thirteenth melting away Moon period of the past cycle. This day is known as Dhanteras or Dhanvantari Tryodashi. Purchasing gold or silver (or any metals) on Dhanteras is generally good in Hindu culture. It is additionally the festival of the presence of Lord Dhanvantari, the father of Ayurvedic medicine. This day, and Diwali when in general, is a superb time for sustaining and bringing in endowments for healing or healing practice.

Indian Astrologer in Melbourne Australia

Diwali – It is a celebration of welcoming lots of lights into our lives, our hearts, and our world. This celebration commends the victory of light over darkness, which is something to cheer in and have confidence in, regardless of whether we can’t apparently watch it once in a while. The positive vibrations we make inside are the only place to begin developing and spreading them externally. It is a ground-breaking time to interface with the Goddess Lakshmi. That brings in her blessings for both material and spiritual prosperity.

Indian Astrologer in Melbourne Australia

This festival likewise remembers Lord Ram’s and Sita’s arrival from exile following fourteen years (story from the Ramayana). Lord Ram embodies the highest qualities of dharma, devotion, compassion, courage, and leadership. Diwali is additionally the beginning of another lunar cycle, so it’s an extraordinary time to go within and bring these qualities to awaken and live through you.

Indian Astrologer in Melbourne Australia

Diwali (likewise observes as Divali, Deepawali or Deepavali) originates from the Sanskrit words deepa (light) and avali (row). It is traditional practice to light candles all through Diwali, welcoming the most lights into our homes and hearts … yet with regards to the dangerous rapidly destructive wildfires in the present time; some now utilize electronic lights presently.

The candles are lit to help us to remember the inner divine light in every one of us. Despite the fact that one fire utilizes to light numerous others. It isn’t decreased by sharing its capacity of brightening. We can pray to God for the harmony and satisfaction of all beings, and everyone’s awareness with their inner light.

Sun in Libra

It is relevant to recollect and to celebrate and consider forward our inner light during this specific Dark Moon time. On the grounds that the Sun, the planet of our inner power, quality, and divine light. It is additionally in his indication of ” debilitation” in Libra.

Since Libra is the indication of equalization and relationships. We frequently give a great deal of our own capacity to our associations with others when Sun is in Libra. We may make a decent attempt to think about others, neglecting to support the divine spark in ourselves, or we may essentially feel exhausts by attempting to adjust a lot throughout everyday life, putting some distance between our own quality and vitality.

Indian Astrologer in Melbourne Australia

Toward the start of this cycle, set an expectation for a careful self-care schedule this month. Light a few candles (or turn them on) for Diwali on the Dark Moon night. And if conceivable, take some time every day to offer yourself some an opportunity to sustain and respect your own light. Self-care practices can incorporate yoga, meditation, reciting, art, or self-abhyanga (oil massage). You can likewise make some homegrown tea to feed yourself during this Vata (cold and dry) season.

Kala Saarpa

The imbalance of the chart that we discuss alludes to the progressing Kala Saarpa yoga we see, wherein each of the seven physical planets is on one side of the nodal Rahu-Ketu axis. With these planets to the other side of the nodes, the subconscious shadow energy (like eclipse energy) turns out to be increasingly present, and a great deal of uncertain business may emerge. There is more agitation of the earth when all is said in done. This chart is especially imbalances, with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury somewhere between the nodes, and different planets going along with them on either side. As we enter this darker time, it is particularly essential to keep up our awareness advancement and self-improvement practices, so as not to administer by the unconscious forces inside.

Indian Astrologer in Melbourne Australia

Diwali is a strong opportunity to set this conscious intention and to call forward increasingly light. And also love into our souls, and after that to spread it out into the world! With so much injury and disaster happening everywhere throughout the planet, our light, love. And services require now like never before. Regardless of how little a section we can play, let us do what we can to expand harmony on and with the planet.

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