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Mars in sixth House

This house is with Mercury and Ketu. Both are common foes and hostile to Mars too. Subsequently Mars in this house will fend off himself from both. The native will be bold, daring, admirer of equity and sufficiently incredible to set flame into water. He will be exceedingly profited by business related with Mercury. His pen will employ more power than the sword. On the off chance that Sun, Saturn and Mars are set together in one house, the siblings, mother, sisters and spouse will be influenced in all respects antagonistically.

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  • Disseminate salt instead of sweets on the introduction of a male child.
  • His siblings should keep the native happiness by offering him something or the other for their security and flourishing. Be that as it may, in the event that he doesn’t acknowledge such things, the equivalent ought to be tossed in water.
  • The male children of the local ought not wear gold.
  • Adopt remedies of Saturn for family comfort. Love Ganeshji for guardians’ wellbeing and decimation of foes.

Mars in seventh House

This house has a place with the impacts of Venus and Mercury, who consolidated together, give the impact of Sun. In the event that Mars is put in that, the seventh house will be influenced by Sun and Mars both, which guarantees that the local’s desire will be satisfied. Money, property and family will increment.

In any case, if Mercury is additionally put here alongside Mars, antagonistic outcomes will pursue with respect to the things and relations spoken to by Mercury e.g., sister, sister-in-law, medical caretakers, house keeper worker, parrot, goats and so on. Subsequently it is smarter to avoid them.

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  • Spot strong bit of silver in the house for flourishing.
  • Always offer desserts to little girl, sister, sister-in-law and widows.
  • Repeatedly manufacture a little divider and pulverize it.

Mars in eighth House

The eighth house has a place with Mars and Saturn, who mutually impact the properties of this house. No planet is viewed as great in this house. Mars here influences in all respects unfavorably the more youthful siblings of the native. The native sticks to duties made by him without thinking about benefit or misfortune.


  • Acquire gifts of widows and wear a silver chain.
  • Offer sweet portions of bread arranged on Tandoor to hounds.
  • Take your suppers in the kitchen.
  • Build a little dim room toward the finish of your home and don’t permit daylight to enter it.
  • Offer rice, jaggery and gram beat at religious spots of love.
  • Fill an earthen pot with ‘Deshi Khand’ and cover it almost an incineration ground.

Mars in ninth House

This house has a place with Jupiter, a companion of Mars. Mars set in this house will demonstrate great in each way to the native by ideals of the assistance and favors of the seniors. His sibling’s better half demonstrates extremely blessed for him. By and large he will have the same number of siblings as his dad had. Living with siblings in a joint family will improve all round joy. The local will pick up a very lofty authoritative post upto the 28th year of his age. He may gain substantial benefits in the exchange of merchandise related with fighting.


  • Submission to senior sibling.
  • Render administrations to your Bhabhi i.e., sibling’s better half.
  • Do not become a skeptic and pursue your conventional traditions and ceremonies.
  • Offer rice, milk and jaggery at religious spots of love.

Mars in tenth House

This is the best position of Mars in a horoscope, the spot of his magnification. On the off chance that the person is conceived in a poor family, his family will end up rich and wealthy after his introduction to the world. In the event that he is conceived in a rich family, his family will become more extravagant after his introduction to the world. In the event that the person is the oldest sibling he will pick up an increasingly particular acknowledgment and notoriety in the public eye. He will be intense, valiant, solid and sufficiently capable to set conventions, standards and guidelines in the public arena.

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In any case, if malefic planets Rahu, Ketu and Saturn or Venus and Moon are set in the second house, the previously mentioned useful impacts are decreased. Further if a neighborly planet is set in the third house, it will likewise influence the consequences of Mars in the tenth house unfavorably. On the off chance that Saturn is put in the third house, the local will increase gigantic finance and huge properties in the later piece of his life alongside a royal position. Mars in the tenth house however no planet in the fifth house gives all round success and satisfaction.


  • Try not to sell familial property and gold of the house.
  • Keep a pet deer in your home.
  • While boiling milk, it would be ideal if you guarantee that it ought not overflow and fall on the flame.
  • Offer assistance to one-looked at and childless people.

Mars in eleventh House

Mars gives great outcomes in this house, since this house is impacted by Jupiter and Saturn. On the off chance that Jupiter is in magnified position, Mars gives extremely great outcomes. Person is gallant and for the most part a merchant.


  • One ought to never offer one’s tribal property.
  • Keeping Sindoor or nectar in an earthen pot will give great outcomes.

Mars in twelfth House

This house is possessed by Jupiter, so now the two Mars and Jupiter will give great outcomes. This is additionally considered as the “Pukka Ghar” of Rahu, so now Rahu won’t inconvenience the local despite its situation in local’s horoscope.


  • Take nectar the first thing.
  • Eating desserts and offering desserts to someone else will expand the abundance of the local.
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