Saturn transit to Sagittarius:-

Saturn is the sign of Karma and it is moving into the indication of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the natural zodiac wheel. Sagittarius speaks to spirituality, adventure, father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual tendencies, charity, karma, meditation, foreign travel, advanced education, confidence, theory, and law. The consequences of this travel will be added up the attributes of the Sign of Sagittarius and the house which Saturn is transiting as well.

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Saturn can be the most misjudged planet in astrology. Individuals take its name with fear and hatred when natural benefics in astrology can be unsafe than Saturn in explicit conditions. Saturn runs the tenth and eleventh houses in the natural zodiac wheel. These houses manage your status in the society.

In Vedic scripts, Saturn is depicted as the Son of Sun. The Sun’s wife Sanjana left him because of his personality. Before leaving him Sanjana made a sad shadow of herself named Chaaya. Chaya gave birth to the Sun. Because of the blue shade of Saturn, Sun hated Saturn. This story demonstrates why Saturn and Sun are enemies in astrology.

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Saturn Transit in 2019, Saturn is travelling Sagittarius all through 2019. It retrogrades on 30th April 2019 and will be straight from eighteenth September in a similar sign. Saturn is combust till twentieth January 2019 and after that again from 27th December 2019 onwards. Saturn, the karma ruler, implies control and dutifulness.

Generally transits are determined through Moon sign, however as an astrologer is getting a lot of updates, so you can check it through Ascendant too.

Following given below is the fundamental data about Saturn’s transit through the places of your Natal Moon.

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For Aries Moon, this transit is going to trigger your ninth place of spirituality, adventure, father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual tendencies, charity, karma, meditation, foreign travel, advanced education, confidence, theory, as well as law. Saturn is requesting that you pursue a strict way of spirituality. Saturn is a strict planet and its transit may bring openings which test your spirituality. Every one of the issues of the ninth house will be under a change in the coming days.


Taurus, this transit is going to trigger the financial area for the most part. This planet will enact the eighth place of research, supernatural sciences, occult, transformations, inheritance, insurances, and finances. During this transit, you ought not to put resources into any wrong money bargains or spend unwisely. This is a decent time to gain so much from your partners.

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Gemini’s Saturn will travel through the seventh place of wife, colleagues, business partners, fertility, passion, career, proficient connections, agreements, and contracts. You should be cautious with partners in life just as business. You will discover some deferral or issues in foreign travel or life in foreign lands. Kindly don’t go for any unlawful deeds. Profession additionally will require a lot of interest.


Saturn will travel through the sixth place of disputes, diseases, debts, enemies, opponents, partners, workspace, wellbeing, and emotional stresses. Saturn travel through the sixth house is great in a general point of view, yet it generally relies on the situation of Saturn in the birth chart.

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Leos, Saturn will transit through the fifth house of romance, entertainment, fun, children as well as youth gatherings, imagination, self-advancement, and also speculative businesses. This travel will cause you to go an additional mile in interfacing with youngsters and youth gatherings. New investments ought to be done cautiously. You will have another point of view in every one of the issues identified with the fifth house


During this travel, you will be occupied in managing family matters. Saturn is traveling through the fourth place of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property. You will take up a lot of obligations at home. Real estate deals are additionally observed. It would be ideal if you be cautious with land bargains. Elderly females in the family will likewise require more assistance. You ought to be somewhat moderate while managing family matters.

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Saturn will trigger the third place of short trips, short courses, training, kin, media, innovation, hardware, and composing. This house speaks to possess efforts so you will consider beginning own efforts. You should go an additional mile in attempting your efforts fruitful. Matters identified with the third house will be profoundly changing. Association with kin and other relatives will be significant.


Saturn will travel through the second place of wealth, self-esteem, family, speech and material resources. All through the travel, you will have a great deal of focus on money-related issues. You ought to be cautious with your funds. The career sector likewise will have a few changes.

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Your own life will have a great deal of change. This travel will make you a mature individual, as well as this, will be a learning stage for you. Profession related changes are seen. Your wellbeing and essentialness likewise will require a lot of interest. Your own and expert relationship will be significant. Kindly don’t be forceful with your partners and associates


Your enthusiastic status, wellbeing, and the working environment are absolutely under change during this transit. You should be cautious with your working environment, associates, money, physical and also enthusiastic quality. You ought to do nothing which interferes with your peace and wellbeing.

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Your eleventh place of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, as well as gains will change. There will be unmistakable changes in existing fellowships. You may attempt to join new groups as well. Simultaneously, you must be cautious with your partners. You should buckle down on long-term projects.


Your tenth place of the profession, economic wellbeing, supervisors, authority, and also ambitions will be in a full swing during this Saturn transit. You will get extra duties at work. You should be exceptionally wary about your conduct at work. Saturn is the sign of Karma and when upright moves are done then the outcomes will be extraordinary.

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