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Evil Affliction

The term affliction itself shows the negative relates to it as well as there’s not one horoscope within the universe that doesn’t afflicts planets or house in it. And also, this is often however drawback comes in our life as well as affliction leads the way to learning. Which is similar to Neechabhanga Rajyoga that comes because of the weakness of planets. As well as, affliction also means the negative energy which enters into human life and destroying their happiness. But when people want to get out of this evil affliction and consulting Astrologer would be the Best solution and one among them is Astrology practiced by Pandit Harsha Ji – Famous Astrologer in Australia and will help you generate Vipreet Rajyoga. So, it will destroy your evil affliction and according to proper placement of starts and planets in your Birth Chart.

Famous Astrologer in Australia

Also, affliction is completely different than weakness and each of them have an effect on life in a very different means and in a very general means, it may be a fore said that weakness can result in not realizing the complete potential of planets or house and for instance, a weak Venus could result in late or no wedding in the least whereas Venus once afflicts could result in a nasty relationship with married person or health problems to married person and you’ll be able to see there’s a distinction between each of those things which may not lead you to happy life. To get rid of all these problems consult Pandit Harsha Ji – Famous Astrologer in Australia.


Also, the instance we simply gave could be a terribly general example however a vital one to form you perceive regarding affliction.
A planet becomes afflicts once it’s in union with natural maleficent that measures Saturn, Mars, Hindu deity and Ketu.
Here these maleficent will destroy the natural significance of a fore said planet and for instance, and these afflictions identifies by Pandit Harsha Ji – Famous Astrologer in Australia .Venus once by creating a union with Saturn leads to delays and dangerous wedding life. Identical means alternative maleficent have their own thanks to have an effect on the significance of aforesaid planet. Ketu affliction over Venus results into disturbance and typically a violent married life and conjointly can have an effect on the efficiency in a very case of males.

As mentions on top of the purpose isn’t restricts to the sole union only. Malefic will have an effect on a planet via stars and planets and exchange conjointly. Where exchange are the strongest affliction.
A planet or house once affected by lords of sixth, eighth or twelfth will cause affliction to them. Currently here a dynamic approach is required which can be done with the help of astrology by Pandit Harsha Ji – Famous Astrologer in Australia. A natural maleficent may be useful beneficent conjointly and it’s vital to grasp role of plants for every ascendant. Like within the case of planet Saturn that is Yogakaraka for Tauras and Libra ascendant.

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