Are you aware that you can know certain realities about your life and future by simply reading from your hands? The mounts and the lines talk very much about your life. It is called Indian palmistry, trails by a large number of years. And specialists who do this as their career. For more about your future, get to know your future from Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne, Master Harshaji.

Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne

Astrology happens to be something that most of us know about but rarely understand. Many see it as the art of foretelling events of the future but in reality. Vedic Astrology is so much more than that! This is the science of understanding and following the connection between us and the cosmos. It relates human motivations and consciousness with the movements of planets and stars. On the basis of the belief that this entire universe moves and breathes as one. And every event connects with and can affect everyone on this planet!

Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne

Mounts and palms in a palmistry

When you take a gander at your palm you can discover bumps of flesh called mounts. And also certain think and thin lines running crosswise over palm are the lines. By and large, specialists learn palm reading through these lines and mounts. There are 6 important lines and various minor lines. Each line speaks to each factor like head, heart, life, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury. Correspondingly, there are seven mounts speaking to seven celestial bodies of the ancient god of Roman and Greek holy stories.

Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne

Which hand must be picked for palmistry?

The left hand is considered to what God has given you and the correct hand is for figuring out what you do with it. There are four kinds of hand as per palmistry. They are:

The Earth Hand

The Earth hands observes to be strongly square fit as in the shape of the palm and fingers. The length of the palm is approximately even from the wrist to the base of the fingers. The skin might be rough and reddish in color. Individuals having earth hands views as increasingly level-headed and practical. They gain from tests as opposes to perusing or studying from books. With regards to work likewise, they incline toward outdoor to indoor and they don’t indicate much enthusiasm for administrative work.

Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne

The Air Hand

The Air hand can likewise be square however, for the most part. They are rectangular and have long fingers and low-set thumbs. They have dry skin and knuckles that protrude. Individuals with Air hands have curious and intellectual skills. They prefer to read and to learn a more thorough examination. They stress since they want to disguise their sentiments and their anxiety, which can make an individual have issues in close relationships notwithstanding great communication skills.

The Water Hand

The water hand is commonly an oval-shape having the widest piece of the palm bigger than the length of it from the wrist to the base of the figures. They likewise have long and adaptable fingers. Individuals with this kind of hands are commonly passionate and uneven. In some cases they feel the failure to deal with their tensions and have issues managing pressure. Be that as it may, they are persuaded by searching for harmony and they have creative abilities. Establishment of Vedic astrology reviews gives you a thought regarding it.

Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne

The Fire Hand

The Fire Hand has shorter fingers and either flushed or pink in color. Such individuals are extremely active, short-tempered and anxious. They are the extraordinary pioneers and have a reasonable vision of what they think and about what’s to come. These cause them to be unique in their considerations, temperaments, and sentiments.

In the event that an individual learns the ideas of these, he can be a master in palmistry, the art of hand reading.


Libra is an air sign where we bring the standards of Venus into active expression. Venus is the planet of beauty, desire, nature, and human love, so the Libra cycle will urge us to be progressively inventive, connect with nature, and nurture our relationships. As an air sign (intellectual, and inspiring movement), we will look for approaches to adjust or re-balance relation all through this cycle. Both Jupiter and Mercury are additionally situated in Libra, near the Sun and Moon as of now. Which includes the impacts of our higher beliefs as well as our analytical minds to our creative endeavors this month.

Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne

Debilitated Venus

Venus itself, the leader of Libra, is presently traveling Virgo, his indication of weakening. Weakened Venus doesn’t really translate as “relationships will be bad,” yet it includes a profoundly intelligent, expository, and useful inspiration to the planet of joy and excellence. This is the contrary position to exalted Venus in Pisces. Which we encounter for four months sooner this year (February through May) when we felt inspires to adjust our wants and relationships to our highest beliefs, standards, and reason.

Famous Astrologer Australia Melbourne

Presently, with Venus in Virgo, we provokes to investigate all the little subtleties of our connections and pleasurable interests, and ensure that they are serving some reasonable requirement for us on the earth plane. We may likewise be investigating our accomplices or others around us, and getting up to speed around the nuances of language or thoughts. With Venus ruling this up and the upcoming lunar cycle and Mercury joining near the Sun and Moon at its begin; want for reasonableness will be strong this month.


The Vedic nakshatra where this lunar cycle starts is Chitra, “the brilliant.” This brilliant star in Virgo (Chitra spans Virgo and Libra) is led by Vishvakarma, the god known as the celestial architect. Imagine the energy of one who can put every one of the stars in the sky and set them in perfect motion … that kind of both precise and artistic energy is the thing that we can bring in this month. There is a powerful creative potency here, and extraordinary potential for improving relationships. It is additionally a steady vitality for sorting out, fixing, or renovating your home space.

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