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Education Problems

In Hindu mythology Saraswathi is the Goddess of Education. Education is one of the important stepping stone to the future of your children’s; studies can change your children’s future. But are they good at studies or do you see any decrease in the marks obtained by your children. Is it due to your kids are not taking effort to learn or due to some other reasons. Don’t worry we can help you, we are the “Best Astrologer in Melbourne” you can find.

Best Astrologer in Melbourne

You may take your kids to kid’s specialist or psychiatrist, but is it giving you the result? Your kid may be one of the top rank holders in the class but suddenly a day you may see his rank is decreasing. Is it only because he is not studying well or someone has kept “drishti dosh” on your kid.

Yes! “Drishti dosh” you may not be familiar with what it is or you may feel it is not true, but have you tried to find any solution for it? Let me explain. Drishti dosh is term used in Indian astrology for the visual defect on you, when a person feels jealous of your work or growth it makes a drishti dosh to you. When your kid is affected with drishti dosh, his or her growth is being challenged with lots of obstacles. We can help you to overcome with your kid’s problem; Pandit Harsha Ji is the Best Astrologer in Melbourne who will help you find solutions to all your problems.


Our Astrologer Pandit Harshaji – Best Astrologer in Melbourne, Is a well experienced astrologer, he has been in service for over 25 years, with more than 5000 worldwide satisfied customers. He has been awarded with more than 10 National Awards. 

Education brings you knowledge, knowledge gives you skill. Skill brings you Money. Money helps you to do your religious deeds which bring happiness to your family. In horoscope 4th house is Karaka house of education and 5th is intellect and 2nd is the house of speech. Jupiter is the chief of Karaka of Vedas, philosophy and astrology. Mercury is the significator of Mathematics, financial Management and medical. Venus is for music and effective interpretation. Mars leads to the ability to rule and fight against injustice. Education, medical and philosophy is represented by Sun. Moon represents poetry, medical, astronomy and spiritual. Saturn and Rahu represents for foreign education. Your kid’s education can be connected to any problem with these chief of Karaka.

Pandit Harshaji – Best Astrologer in Melbourne can help to find out what the problems are and give you the solution to get back your kid to make him the topper and best in the class. For more contact Harsha Ji to get your problems solved in a very efficient way.

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