Master Harshaji specialist in Black magic removal Australia will explain about similarities as well as the difference in Astrology and Psychology. Astrology and Psychology: If the sun in somebody’s chart gives us readability into their “identity” or “ego” then, what gives us bits of knowledge into their “shadow?”

As well as, Astrology is a science past your or my belief.

The psychology is to know the hidden life from certain information which is specific to an individual. As that is the horoscope.

So thing, horoscope, turns into an exceptional thing, with no other information, which can define an actual existence. So one is forced psychologically to believe it or eagerly restrict it.

Astrology as geo-centric geometric perception of grahas, does not require your Belief, including all pseudo-researcher and genuine researcher as well as atheist disbelief in it.

Is psychology same as astrology?


Psychology is the investigation of human behavior. It deals with the reactions of people as well as other things to different life circumstances. So its real concern is the characteristic and also the performance of the people.

Here by Astrology, Master Harshaji specialist in Black magic removal Australia means the Vedic Astrology manages all that in addition to substantially more.

It additionally manages the time period, for example the sort of chances people is probably going to face different phases of their lives as well as their success in the life.

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In astrology, the Sun itself is one part of telling somebody’s identity, yet the ruling planets in somebody’s birth chart also play a job likewise in deciding how somebody will behave, who and what somebody is.

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Somebody’s “shadow” behaviour can be controlled by her Mercury, Venus, and Mars planets, however the most critical planets in telling somebody’s “dark side” is their Saturn and Pluto.

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The Sun is the center of somebody’s identity. And also it shows her actual nature, her internal identity on a basic level, how she will act. The Moon is the way somebody responds in enthusiastic circumstances as well as how somebody will connect with others, the subconscious self. The Rising sign is the way somebody speaks to herself to the general people around her as well as how somebody will see her from the outward appearance, the higher self. Mercury is the ruling planet for communicating as well as it demonstrates how somebody communicates. Venus is the ruling planet for sentiment. And also, it demonstrates how somebody acts in adoration or relationship. Mars is the ruling planet for feelings. And so, it speaks to how somebody will act in the midst of anger. Saturn and Pluto is the “dark” side of somebody.


  • Sun in Pisces
  • Moon in Libra
  • Rising in Capricorn
  • Mercury in Aries
  • Venus in Aries
  • Mars in Aries
  • Saturn in Scorpio
  • Pluto in Scorpio

Specialist Astrologer Master Harshaji specialist in Black magic removal Australia can give you more ideas on psychology as well as astrology.

The Sun, Moon, and Rising

“A” will be a Pisces (water). Pisces is known as a delicate soul. Empathetic, persistent, faithful, harmony cherishing, keen, accommodating, aesthetic, instinctive, adroit, generous, compliant, versatile, low profile, creative, touchy and also dedicated. That is her actual self.

In the same way, she will act held and attentive on the grounds that she has Capricorn as a rising sign and also she will accomplish something in a reasonable strategic way with others since she has Libra as her moon sign. Libra is about equalization and harmony.

Master Harshaji specialist in Black magic removal Australia can give you more ideas on psychology and astrology.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Her “shadow” identity in here is Aries (Mercury, Venus, and Mars). She has one as well as 3 ruling planets in Aries (fire sign), which is simply the inverse of her internal behaviour, Pisces (water sign). Aries is lively, exceptional, difficult, insubordinate, eager, gutsy, valiant, stubborn, relentless, gave, faithful, irritable, testy, incautious.

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She will talk in a way forward way or opinionated way like an Aries (Mercury). As well as, On the off chance that somebody is decent, she’ll state he’s good. In the event that somebody else is not, then she’ll state he’s certainly not. She acts with an energetic attitude in her connections (Venus), and in the midst of anger when she comes up short on tolerance (Pisces), anticipate that her to shout out like a furious gushing lava (Aries).

Saturn and Pluto

In Saturn and Pluto, it projects for the dark times of a person. There’s no light in here. At regular intervals, Saturn will come back to where you were born. It’s called Return of Saturn; it’s the point at which the middle age emergency sets in. Marvel as there is a reason as there’s a distinction between individuals under 30 as well as those over that age? It’s the ideal opportunity for development where choices are made that can result in our more stable life. Practically every one of them who are encountering these occasions is encountering disillusionment as well as discouragement. It’s a period for test as well as sheer assurance.

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Pluto is the planet for change and life challenges. Its saying is “time to leave the past behind”. It will finish the things that should be let out of your life. Old damages can return. It compels us to re-examine difficult occasions and sentiments. It constrains you to act naturally self-introspective.

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She will behave in dark, cryptic, serious, agonizing, decided way like a Scorpio. Feelings will be confounded and exceptional. Her Pluto in Scorpio drives her to do the extraordinary research and disclosure in regions that were viewed as baffling. It will cause numerous complex occurrences because of the force and painstaking quality of the pursuit.

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Beating the shadow (Aries) and the dark part (Scorpio) isn’t a simple section, five exceptional planets ruled by Mars in a single chart and having her light side in Pisces as the Sun.

So as to know somebody’s identity, you have to know these planets in somebody’s birth chart. Expect you got the idea.

Astrology, Master Harshaji specialist in Black magic removal Australia can give you more ideas on psychology and astrology.

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