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Master Harshaji one of the Best Astrologer Melbourne is not just an expert in one part of the Vedic astrology. He is an all-rounder in his field expertise. His knowledge of prediction was challenged several times but he never has hesitation to accepting the challenges. Furthermore, his only motive was to fulfil the mind of his followers with correct guidelines with respect to their better future.

Most of us are familiar with using palm reading to determine fate and fortune. How about face? Face reading, also physiognomy, is a science which predicts the fate by reading the facial features of people.

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You may face a mirror to look the beauty of your face and your mirror is only reflecting your face. But there is something secret hidden in your face that mirror won’t show you.

Face reading is branch of astrology. But many people follows palm reading compared to that of a face reading. So, do you believe in face reading? It’s an art that helps in predicting your mere future by looking at your facial expressions and marks.

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An expert face reading astrologer helps you in many cases like knowing your future, fate, character and luck to come in etc. To become an expert in face reading is not an easy step as it takes lots of knowledge.

Being one of the best astrologer in Melbourne, Master Harshaji will help you know about some of the techniques of face reading.

Face Reading Techniques

Ever thought of judging a person with his facial expression? Psychology may give you some answers but Indian Vedic astrology is having their own technique of reading face to know the mere future of one selves. Astrology is all based certain calculation and it doesn’t mean that every prediction of astrologer even if he is an expert he could always be able to give you a precise and absolute happenings. Let’s get started –

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As we have already explained by watching someone’s face an astrologer can predict his life. From birth to the time of death, it’s all hidden in your face. So, let’s know the various regions of face has to do with the predictions –

1.     Parents region:

The place from where your hair starts at top of forehead shows parents and how your relationship with them is leading to. If this area is smooth as well as shiny then the persons parents is said to have a good health and career and the person’s childhood is full of enjoyment. Whereas, if this area intends to have dull skin color then his/her parents faces lots of issues at time of his childhood.

2.     Career and Success region:

The area that is below the Parents region and above the eyebrows shows the indication of career and success. If this area is positioned good, gently rounded and bright then it represents better career prospects and early settlement in the career. Whereas, if this position is indented or hollow or black in color, then it projects the persons skills will not help him in growing his career and brings misfortune his age of 21st to 25th age.

3.     Life region:

This place is positioned between the eyebrows. If it is firm, bright, gently rounded then it projects a better happy career after the 27th age of the person. It points out the person is having friendly characteristics with energetic positive attitude behavior. Whereas, if the space between eyebrows is wide and thick the person is said to bring home wealth and his life span is also good.

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Whereas, if the eyebrows are closer and there is a hair line that connects to the two eyebrows then it’s a sign of negative mindedness who is obstinate and unforgiving. As well as, if in case the life region is dull or any colors found. Then, it shows an unpleasant career and bad health condition.

4.     Middle age region:

This area begins at the middle of the eyes and covers till the end of the nose tip. Any cross lines and black spots in this area represent bad health and problems with the wife in the middle age.

5.     Love and Emotional region:

This area is below the 2 eyes. This area if it is bright, bulgy and rounded then the person will have great emotional involvement. As well as, if he or she is falls in love very easily and whole heartedly. As well as, if this area is not smooth or with wrinkles then the person faces failures in love affairs due to selfishness or over anxiety.

6.     Fertility and children region:

Likewise, this area shows the groove that connects the nose with the center of upper lip also known as philtrum. When there is a long broad and deep philtrum shows good fertility and ability to have children. Furthermore, it shows better life. As well as, when the philtrum is low or flat, it projects lower energy and childlessness. While a short philtrum shows an early death.

7.     Old age region:

The face reading helps you to know why you react to various situations and why you feel things more intentionally than others. You may learn in the Institute of vedic astrology to become expert ion face reading.

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This is the area underneath the lower lip which is additionally called the jaw. On the off chance that this region is strong, rounded and spacious, it speaks to satisfaction in maturity after 60th year. On the off chance that this zone is low with a feeble jaw and dark color, it demonstrates miserable and friendless old age. It additionally speaks to risks of suffocating, harming, and nourishment or water borne illnesses.

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The face perusing encourages you to know why you respond to different circumstances and why you feel things more deliberately than others.

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You may get more idea of face reading from the expert like Master Harshaji, Best Astrologer Melbourne; you can gain proficiency knowledge of face reading with some fascinating actualities.

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