How do some people become so extremely rich – Part 2

Pandit Harshaji Astrologer Australia in his last blog we explain on some part about how some person gets wealthier faster. In this blog, we will further discuss such yog that makes a person rich. There is several Yog as explains in the Holy books of ancient Hindu Vedas. Let us get to know more about these.

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Idea of Yog

Yog in Sanskrit implies addition or mix. At the point when two planets join their energies, their rising outcomes are not the same as their individual impacts. This association of planets by combination or aspect calls it Yog. Yog uses and creates success in which case it is by and large calls it Raj Yog.

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Vipreet Raj Yog

As per Parashar, when the lords of the third, sixth, eighth and twelfth houses aren’t strong and benefic planets don’t possess these houses, this Yog produces wealth. The reason is basic. These houses and their planet rulers represent to scarcity, poverty, debts, and expenditure. On the off chance that these houses and the rulers are not strong, the negativity associated with these will likewise annihilate. The loss of poverty is wealth. This depends on the negation of negatives and is appropriate calls it Vipreet Raj Yoga (Sanskrit for Raj Yoga shapes by restriction).

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Vipreet Raj Yog is significant on the grounds that it can possibly bring wealth. In the event that there is other Dhan Yog present, an individual can turn out to be amazingly well off. For instance, if alongside a Vipreet Raj Yog there is additionally a blend of second, ninth and eleventh rulers with every one of the three planets strong and set in the second, ninth or eleventh house, the individual will command stupendous wealth.

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The idea of Uchha and Neech planets (exalts and debilitates)

Every one of the nine planets becomes in some sign. They become weak in the sign inverse to that. When they are powerful by the situation they call Uchha (On top) or exalts. When they become weak they call Neech (fallen) cripple. For a planet in such an express the outcomes associated with that planet will endure. For instance, if the ascendant master is set Neech in the horoscope, all attributes associated with the ascendant will endure. The health will be weak, confidence will be low, self-confidence will need and by and large that individual will be ineffective.

Neech Bhang Raj Yog or Yog frames by the cancellation of debilitation.

There are certain conditions under which this debilitation negates. This happens when the ruler of the sign where a planet weakens is in a Kendra from ascendant or Moon. For instance, Sun winds up weaken in Libra and lose his ability to give useful outcomes. Be that as it may if the ruler of Libra Venus is set in 1, 4, 7, 10 houses from ascendant or Moon, Sun will recapture his capacity to do great. The same thing occurs if Venus magnifies in Pisces.

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This reality should be unchangeable and guards someplace. Neech Bhang Raj Yog like Vipreet Raj Yog has a huge ability to lift an individual from obscurity and put him over the heap.

When a planet aspects the house that it rules, he adds great strength to it. For example, if the ascendant is Aries and its lord Mars places in the seventh house, he will aspect the ascendant and make it very strong. This will give physical strength, and make that person self-confident. His self-esteem will be high and he will have an aggressive personality. This is an important point and must be kept in sight off. Four or more planets aspects their respective houses in a horoscope have the capacity to raise a person to great heights of wealth and status.

Adhi Yog

At the point when common benefices like Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury involve the sixth, seventh or eighth house from ascendant, Moon or Sun, Adhi yoga delivers. The position can be arbitrary and is free of the request of planets.

These Adhi Yog excessively are very fit for giving high-quality wealth.

House aspect by its ruler

At the point when planet viewpoints the house that it rules, he adds incredible strength to it. For instance if the ascendant be Aries and its lord Mars is set in the seventh house, he will viewpoint the ascendant and make it exceptionally strong. This will give physical quality, and make that individual self-assured. His confidence will be high and he will have a forceful character. This is a significant point and should be kept in sight off. At least four planets accepting their particular houses in a horoscope have the ability to raise an individual to extraordinary statures of wealth and status.

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On the off chance that the planets accepting their homes are additionally put in Kendra to one another, they add significantly more capacity to the chart. One more time the boost is given if this occurs from birth, Moon and Sun diagrams. Individuals with such horoscope are uncommon and bring huge great Karma from previous existences. No big surprise they end up being extremely wealthy and powerful.

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Whenever any or a greater amount of the Ascendant, second, and ninth rulers are lifted up, and the planet of their exaltation sign is likewise magnified and placed happily in an chart, incredible wealth results. For instance, for Libra ascendant, if Mars is magnified in the fourth house and the master of the fourth house Saturn is put in Libra, extraordinary wealth will result.

A special instance of Ketu

Ketu is a Shadowy planet and gives the consequences of the house he is set in or the planet he is related with. Ketu has the unique ability to exponentially build the intensity of the planet with which he is set. For instance, for Virgo ascendant, Venus set in the second house with Ketu will give incredible outcomes. Venus involves his own home so the place of wealth ends up strong; a further proportion of strength is given by Ketu’s relationship with Venus.

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